Coming of Age


I think we can all agree that my self-imposed hiatus has been considerably long! It certainly feels like a lifetime since I stepped on these blogging streets and between the Instagrams and fiery Twitters of this world, one does feel inclined to feel like a dinosaur. Well, the good news is old school blogging hasn’t really gone old fashioned but grown & evolved tremendously since the last time I was here. Ours is a world where we clamour to get our voices heard, for the right reasons and sometimes not.

A lot has happened since my last blog, which I will unpack in a series of blogs to follow. So, I hope you’re ready. I’m not entirely surprised that South Africa continues its attempts to put out fires relating to race issues. It’s an uphill battle. With some corners of this country still wielding the old National Party flag and reminiscing on the days that oppressed the majority of the populace of this country, we really have a long way to go.

It is refreshing though, to sense the urgency with which discourse around the land issue has emerged in recent months. The broad consensus and realization that the peaceful transition in 1994 has been all but a farce is a breath of fresh air and long overdue. We may agree or disagree that if not addressed in its entirety this festering sore will sow further tensions within our borders.

So, what does coming of age mean to you? Does it mean reaching and going beyond a physical milestone? Having regular epiphanies? Seeing life differently? Maturity? What do you think it is? In March 2017, I had great determination and true to my Aquarius nature felt nothing could stop me. I would say turning 30 was my peak, my moment to shine and I sure did bask in it. Life, as I hope many realize, is unpredictable.

My key personal lessons during that period were among others; what leadership means (why are some people born leaders and why some aren’t, and again – why many won’t lead?), being true to oneself, burning bridges (or not), letting go, going back to one’s roots. One thing, that has specifically remained intact throughout is my spirituality and perhaps, one day I will be able to share that journey with you. However, the first steps I have decided to take are to reposition this blog entirely.

Loleme lwa Setswana ke la gaetsho. Maikaelelo a me ke go tswelela go kwala ka puo ya ga mme. Ke dumela fa botho le setho sa rona di ikaegile thata ka ngwao ya rona. Ga ngwao e ngweegile, go nna boima go e kgobokanya kampo gone go e busetsa sekeng.

One of my popular blog posts of all time was written in my home language, and as my passion for my culture and identity grows, I am inclined to answer this call to contribute more to the discourse using that as a tool. I am constantly reminded of our generation’s failures when I hear my daughter speak in what I have come to label as “ZuTswana”- a combination of predominant Zulu and sprinkles of Setswana. We have a lot on our plate to prepare for future generations.

I am gearing up for the challenge, how about you?



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